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MTPredictor is designed to help you find trading opportunities with the aim of controlling your trading risk.

Designed for Professional Traders

Find a Trade, Determine your Position Size then Assess your Risk/Reward

Scanner: Find trade setups fast and easily with the new-look Scanner. Scan all your markets for automatic MTPredictor TS1/2/3/4/DP and VS set-ups

Automatic and Manual Analysis: Quick Analysis of the Automatic and Manual setups, including full Position Sizing and Risk control.

Decision Point: Project “in advance” future support and resistance zones.

Position Sizing: Keep Initial Risks small and maximise your Profits.

Elliott Wave: Find additional set-ups on your charts using MTPredictor’s unique “Isolation approach” to Elliott Wave Analysis.

WPT Module: Project “in advance” future support and resistance zones based on a manual Elliott Wave count.

Video Example

Profits and Losses on the Nifty

In today’s MTPredictor video, we look at Profits and Losses on the Nifty:

Risk Disclaimers Apply……...

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Customer Testimonials

Note: Testimonials herein are unsolicited and may not be representative of the experience of other Customers and is not a guarantee of future performance or success.

Dear Steve. I would like to really thank you for investing your life in developing this wonderful software. I have been an elliott wave practioner for a decade and MTPREDICTOR in the past one month has really enhanced my ability to trade sucessfully. I have spent 14 hours a day trading across Equity, Commodity & Currency (Indian) markets using MTPREDICTOR and i must confess here that my trading style has seen a transformation. The advanced analysis section is a boon that helps me spot abc correction, count emerging trends and initiate trades with confidence. The real time scanner is another brilliant tool to spot opportunities. I have used other leading softwares for trading but the depth of realtime analysis that can be performed & trading opportunities that MT PRIDICTOR spots leaves competing softwares far behind. I am very satisfied with MTPREDICTOR, THANK YOU.


Private Trader, India

Your software is brilliant…. no doubt about it. In fact, i made substantial money after installing MTP in the last few days


Private Trader, India

I first came across Steve’s trading methodology in 2001. As a former Series 3 registered broker, I researched and traded numerous systems and methodologies on behalf of clients – Steve’s software and education package are the most refreshing and honest I have ever come across. His focus on risk control, integrated position sizing, and specific methods for identifying low risk entry points are unique to the industry and were a true eye opener for me. MTPredictor has completely transformed my personal trading. I have owned the software since the first version and heartily recommend MTPredictor to both experienced and new traders alike


Private Trader