MTPredictor 8.1 Help

Help Videos for MTPredictor 8.1


Below is a list of Help Videos answering some of the most common questions on using MTPredictor 8

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Downloading and Registration

Menu Items

Symbol Manager



Tabs, Workspaces and Layouts

Themes and Templates

Alerts (New in Build

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Use the Mouse Wheel to zoom the Chart in/out
  • Grab and Drag in the Chart to move the Chart left and Right
  • Grab and Drag in the Y Axis to expand the Y Scale in and out
  • Click on the ?R? at the top of the Y Axis to Reset the Y Axis Scale
  • Click on Scanner column header to sort
  • Hold down Shift Key, then click on column header to sort a ?secondary? column


Please remember that although MTPredictor has automatic setups, we do not suggest that you just follow these blindly as if it were a black box mechanical system, judgement is needed in filtering the automatic setups, particularly with respect a clear larger degree trend. Each Trader must take responsibility for deciding on whether their own Analysis is clear and fits in with their own (personal and unique) Trading Plan.