Purchase Help

Understanding credit card problems

Sometimes when making a credit card purchase problems can arise. To help understand the potential issues, here is some important information.

When a request is made to purchase a product, the company (MTPredictor) uses a credit card processing firm ( Stripe ) to actually process the credit card information. PayPal will then send the transaction to the bank that issued your credit card (Issuing Bank), requesting the funds for the transaction. However, it is at this point that most issues can arise. if this payment is outside the normal shopping habits of the customer (you) the issuing bank will usually block the transaction.

The reason is that fraud has become increasingly common and one way that banks try to stop fraudulent transactions is to monitor your regular shopping habits. Then if a transaction falls outside your normal pattern the issuing bank assumes that your credit card has been stolen and puts a stop on the transaction. This is done by the issuing bank to protect you.

However, it can cause problems. if you normally shop for small items in your local area, then suddenly buy our software this can be flagged up by the issuing bank as suspect (although it is not). You may have plenty of credit on your card this does not matter as they only look at the pattern of your usual shopping habits for this check.

Okay, how to resolve this issue.

As you can see, this is neither your fault nor ours (MTPredictor’s). Nor is Stripe to blame. This is simply the issuing bank protecting you (the customer) from unusual use on your credit card.

So, you will need to contact the Bank that has issued your credit card (their credit card department) and explain to them that this is a legitimate purchase. Then you must ask them to allow this transaction though. Until they have confirmation from you (the customer) that this purchase is legitimate they will not allow the transaction.

We will then be able to complete the purchase for you.

All this may seem a lot of hassle, but it is protection enforced by the banks issuing credit cards for your protection against fraud. As fraud spreads, it may become more difficult to use cards as more restrictions and checks are imposed by the banks.

If you are still having difficulties with a Purchase, then please email Sales@MTPredictor.com for help.