Please take these 3 steps before you purchase

1. Read the Introduction to MTPredictor as this will give you an overview of the software.
2. Talk to us first – we are here to help.
3. Please be realistic with your trading expectations – there are too many software sellers promising untold riches with little or no effort. Common sense tells you this is nonsense – trading is a professional business so treat it professionally. This includes your expectations of profits and how long it will take to become proficient at trading. Also be realistic about losses and as such how much trading capital is required.

No Refunds: 
No Refunds, all purchases are final. $95.00 (approx INR7000*) is taken on the initial purchase, then the balance of $1,205.00 (approx INR83,000) is due 2 weeks later. This is to make sure you are happy before making the final balance payment….. more info here

Balance payment is due 2 weeks after the initial purchase


  • *All purchases are in USD, as such the INR values used above are approximate at the current exchange rate.
  • Purchase of MTPredictor is for 1 person only; please see the new Licensing System.
  • MTPredictor 8.1 needs external Data. This has to be purchased from GlobalDatafeeds separately.
  • This Price for MTPredictor 8 is only available for local Indian residents.

More Information

Try the software for 2 weeks

MTPredictor 8.1 has a 2 week trial period before the final balance is due. This allows you to try the software for a low price before making your final balance payment. 
Take full advantage of the Support Tools during the 2 week trial period – FREE weekly Training/Technical Webinars | FREE video Help files | fast e-mail support.

Having problems with your purchase?

Click here if you are having problems with a credit card purchase. If you are still experiencing problems, please email


New MTPredictor Customers agree to receive a short series of emails (5 in total) during their initial 2 week trial of the software, that are designed to help new Customers get up to speed with the software. The emails contain information on how to get support and links to additional resources on the MTPredictor web site. Please see our full Privacy Policy for more details.

System Requirements

  • MTPredictor 8  (and the NinjaTrader add-ons) can run on both a 32-bit or a 64-bit PC running Windows 7 or Windows 10. We recommend Windows 10.
  • MTPredictor, 8,  (and the RT add-ons) need a Windows operating system, but can run on an iMac when using PC emulation software such as VMware or Parallels.
  • Memory: We recommend a PC with at least 8GB of Ram, and ideally 12GB (or more) is better for power users.