Video Training

Video Training on MTPredictor

On this page you will find a number of videos that show you how to get the best from different modules that are in the MTPredictor software. These videos help focus on trading aspect of how to use the modules.

New Features in MTPredictor 8.1

Additional Videos

  • Wave 5 – how to trade the end of the Wave 5
  • Automatic Trade Set-ups  – understanding how the automatic set-ups unfold on your charts (8 min video)
  • History Triangles  – showing “filled” (losing) automatic trade Setups (6 min video)
  • System Trading – Cyclical nature of Trading – Video 10 mins


Note: Please remember that although MTPredictor has automatic setups, we do not suggest that you just follow these blindly as if it were a black box mechanical system, judgement is needed in filtering the automatic setups, particularly with respect a clear larger degree trend. Each Trader must take responsibility for deciding on whether their own Analysis is clear and fits in with their own (personal and unique) Trading Plan.